The Smart Way To Make A Habbo Retro

Habbo Retros are Habbo private servers owned and operated by individuals not associated with or endorsed by Habbo or Sulake. Habbo Retros allow you to play Habbo and provide you with things such as free credits, Habbo cheats, custom furniture, custom pets, free Habbo rares, free Habbo club (VIP), an unique and overall different experience, a new exciting and friendly community and environment, and plenty of things you never could ever experience on the official Habbo Hotel website, and much more.
Habbo Hotel was a concept born in 1999 originally as a hobby by the CD Sampo Karjalainen and was originally named Mobiles Disco. It was nothing more than a basic virtual chat room aimed at teens aged 13-18. There are 12 different hotels open, in 2006 they did a merge which lead to the smaller hotels being merged into the main June 12 2012 was a hard time for Habbo as the Channel 4 news (UK) raised concerns about the site. A two-month investigation into Habbo lead to many unwanted discoveries of what went on in Habbo. As a result of the concerns Sulake suspended chat on Habbo which lead to two of their biggest investors withdrawing their funding and support, and even a few retailers discontinuing sales of their merchandise.
If you have come here asking how to make a habbo retro in the year 2015, with no hamachi, for free, this will be your last stop

  • Temporarily Disabled 500 Room Capacity Mod
  • Added Buying and Selling of Rooms
  • Added Reduced Lag Mod
  • Finalized Deep Caching Mode to Drastically Reduce Stress Load On Your Hotel
  • Fixed The Public Rooms
  • New Custom Furni Added

Please report bugs and problems by emailing be sure to include as much detailed information as possible, including screenshots and/or video if possible. Thank you.

How to make a habbo retro?

Habbo Retro Generator

Welcome to, the best place to make a retro. Throughout the years Habbo has become a very popular game, and like with most popular games it is only a matter of time before so called "private servers" begin being developed. MyHabboRetro is a tool used to quickly, and perfectly, develop the perfect Habbo Retro, or Habbo Private Server. Using RetroGenX, a newly developed Habbo Retro Maker Tool, you can put your own hotel online, on our offshore hosted servers for free, with a vast array of ever growing features, including custom furniture, custom mods, 99.9% bug and lag free, and much much more. Some people may even use retros as a source of income, which we do not condone, however most simply do it for fun and for pleasure, like we did when creating this software which is why it will always remain free. To download your free copy of RetroGenX simply click the download button below, or the RetroGenX picture above. Since we have to fund the servers we use to host the hotels, as well as the development costs of RetroGenX we have decided to put up a simple survey which helps fund our costs. We thank you for understanding.