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Ultrasonic thickness gauge

ETC-098 Digital ultrasonic thickness gauge

ETC-098 Digital ultrasonic thickness gauge


1.     Features

The instrument is based on the principle of ultrasonic measurement.It can measure thickness of material which allows the ultrasonic wave penetrating with constant speed and reflecting from the back side.With used in many areas of industry,ETC-098 has precise measurement,eg petroleum,metallurgy,shipbuilding,aviation,spacefight and so on.It can measure on various type of raw material and component parts.Applicable to monitor pipe and pressure ressel.

2.     Basic delivery

Main unit         1pc
5MHz probe    1pc
Couplant         1pc

3.     Technical specifications

Rang:                                  0.75-300.0mm(determined by probe)
Accuracy:                            ±(1%H+0.1)mm
Lower limit of pipe (steel):φ20mm×3.0mm(5MHz)
sound velocity rang:            1000m/s-9999m/s
To measure velocity by thickness:
Thickness of the measured sample:   ≥20mm(Accuracy: ±5%)
Temperature:                       0℃-40℃
Power supply:                      DC1.5V×2
Dimensions:                        150mm×73mm×32mm
Weight:                                400g

4.      Button instruction

POWER:Power switch.The instrument can manual turn on, turn off automatically and manually.(Waiting for measurement over 1 minute,it will automatic power off)
LIMIT: Set upper and lower limit for warning
CHM:choose frequency of probe
CHV:choose velocity
>>: Move cursor to enter data.
∧:data plus 1/ data query
∨:data minus 1/ data query /zero the memory
:to confirm/change speed velocity
:backlight switch

5.      Display instruction

5M:display the frequency of probe(including 2M,5M,10M and high frequency H2M)
NO:85 display the number of record memoried(the number up to 85)
:   lower power
:   sign of well coupled
CH:3 5900m/s: display the channel and velocity of sound,the instrument has 8 channels to set.
0.0mm: the current data of measurement

 6.Measure and operate

  1. Just put the plug in the socket of main unit and press the “POWER’’key to switch on, there is displaying the last frequency of prob and velocity of sound.
  2. If it is necessary,please choose proper prob and velocity of sound,“CHM”key will help to change the frequency(2M,5M,10M,H2M is avaliable).While  “CHV”key is for changing and choosing the velocity of sound. during the unit is waiting for measurement ,press the“”key,then the unit step into the velocity of sound changing status,velocity can be changed by three buttons(“》”move cursor, “∧”plus 1,“∨”minus 1).
  3. Drop the couplant on the sample to be measuresed, couple the probe with the sample.The thickness is display on the screen.If taking the probe away the value wil be keep on ,but the sign of coupling will disappear.Meanwhile, the number of record memoried plus 1(the eighty-fifth record should be changed if records exceeds 85)

7.Setting upper and lower limit

The instrument have the upper and lower limit setting function,and if the measurement is above the upper limit or under the lower limit during the operation,there is buzz sound to report.
Press “LIMIT”key,the instrument step into the upper and lower limit setting status.Meanwhile “LIMIT: L”is displaying,which indicate inputting the lower limit.Cooperating with “>>”“∨”“∧” to input the lower limit,then press “” to confirm.After this ,the “LIMIT :H”is displaying,the setting is as same as the lower limit.Thus the warning setting is over.

 8.Measure the velocity of sound

If it is necessary to measure the velocity of sound,firstly,measure the standard thickness of sample by vernier caliper,the mininum thickness suggested is 20 mm.When the unit enter state of readiness,press “>>” to enter state of measurement ,the set operation is as follows:
Input the measured thickness (setting method has referenced in the 6th part),and press “” to confirm. Couple the probe with the sample, put away the probe after the signal of coupling appears, the screen appers the velocity of sound,meanwhile the current velovity of channel has been replaced by the measurement..

 9.Two point calibration

 In order to improve accuracy ,the instrument provides two point calibration function, you can choose to use it as needed,when the instrument is turn off,firstly press “”,next press “POWER”, then release "POWER" key before the "ZERO" key, the instruement step into the two point calibration state.
Display: “INPUT:L”:It prompts to input the thickness of the first point,cooperate“>>”,“∨”with“∧”to input the value,then press “” to confirm.
Display: “INPUT:H”:It  prompts to input the thickness of the second  point,cooperating “>>”,“∨”with“∧”to input the value,then press  “” to confirm.
Display: “CALXXX”:It prompts to sample the first point, couple the probe with the first sample,don’t take away the probe untile the sign of probe displayed.
Display: “CALXXX”:It prompt to sample the second point, couple the probe with the second sample,don’t take away the probe untile the sign of probe displayed,after few seconds the instruement finished calibration and turn into the state of readiness.

10.Save and check thickness

  The instrument provides saving and checking thickness.It can save 85 value.when measurement is finished ,the thickness saved one by one,the screen displays the number of record memoried.When it over 85 values ,the current result will cover the 85th record.
  In the state of readiness, use “∧”and“∨”to roll from top to bottom ,then the screen displays the serial number of record and the thickness value at the same time.
When the serial number is 85 , press “∧”to display the sign of  “NO : 0 ? ”which prompts that whether to zero the memory or not,press “” to zero,press any other keys to cancel.

11.Display the conversion of unit   

The instrument supplies two kinds of unit.When the instrument is in the turn off state ,firstly press “LIMIT” , then press the “POWER”key, and release "LIMIT" key before the " POWER " key, the conversion of "mm or in" finished. the result will saved until the next conversion.

12. Attention

  • The instrument provide 5mm steel board.Using the other samples to measure,you need to drop couplant . Clean sample after used to keep prob from rusting.
  • *Alcoho,dilution and so on would corrod the case of instrument,especially the window.During cleaned,you just need to wipe it with a little water.
  • the surface of probe is made of propylene resin ,it is sensitive to the rough surface ,so press it softly .
  • when measured at the ordinary temperature ,the temperature of surface to be measured should not be over 60ºC , unless the probe wil be injured .    
  • take care of instrument to avoid damp environment and collision.
  • If the instrument is not used for a long time,you should take out the battery.Unless it may flow the liquid which cause damage to the instrument.

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