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Glossmeter Instrument

ETB-0686 Glossmeter

ETB-0686 Glossmeter


1. Brief Introduction

The technology parameter of ETB-0686 Glossmeter Instrument is complete according with state standard GB9754-88、GB9966.5 and international standard ISO2813, all items of the performance meet the first class work requirements of state JJG696-2002 (Lens Luster Degree Instrument Measure Test Regulations) .

2. Applications 

  • The surface luster measure for printing ink, paint, bake lacquer, coating and woodwork   
  • The surface luster measure for construction decoration materials: marble; granite; glass chemical polishing brick and pottery brick 
  • The surface luster measure for plastic and sheet
  • The surface luster measure for other non-metal materials 

3. Instrument Characteristics 

  • Fine, light stylish appearance, easy to carry
  • Completely intelligentized design, single key operation, convenient to use
  • Automatic adjustment, no need to be hand adjustment 
  • Multi-angles, choose what you want
  • Long life-span lamp- house, no need to change
  • Precise measure, excellent repetition performance
  • LCD digital display
  • There is buzz sound during operation 
  • Have electrical source pressure shortage indication function
  • Turn off automatically 
  • USB  interface, can save 3580 datas 

 4. Technology parameter 

Measure range:                         0-200GU
Stability:                                    <±0.4 GU/30Min
Value error:                               <±1.2GU
Power:                                      1.5V*2 
Projecting angle:                       60°
Environment temperature:        0-40℃   
Relative humidity:                     ≤ 85% 
Standard panel dimension:      95×40mm

 5. Display instructions  

∵ “GU”--- luster unit 
∵“CAL? ”--- adjustment prompt
∵ “select”--- choice prompt
∵“Battery Lo ”---low battery voltage, prompt to change battery  
“clear OK”-----clear the save datas.

 6. Directions 

  1.  Press the red key, the instrument starts working when there is displaying in the liquid crystal screen;
  2. When the instrument prompts"adjustment operation" ,“CAL?”is displaying in the screen, make the instrument measure window pointing at the adjustment panel, press the yellow key to confirm adjustment operation, the instrument  identify the  adjustment panel automatically, and adjust automatically , there is buzz sound after finishing it;   
  3. After finishing adjustment operation, the instrument is entering into the measure state. Put the instrument on the measured sample, appoint the measure window to the measured object, press the yellow key, the instrument starts to measure, the luster degree value of the measured object will display on the screen while there is buzz sound, please note that the sample should be leveled off;
  4. The measure“yellow key” 3 sec,display“clear ok",finish the clear operation
  5. The instrument can be turned off with hand, press “red key”, it is in the close state, there is nothing displaying on the screen; if there is no measure operation in the instrument for 5 minutes, it will turn off automatically. 

7. Matters required attention

  1.  It should avoid strong light direct radiation; or it will affect the measure precision. 
  2. The standard panel of the instrument should be kept clean, please do not touch the surface with fingues. If there is dirt on the surface, the measure precision will be affected. Wipe it with lens cloth or absolute alcohol.
  3. When the battery is running out, the instrument will display"Battery lo" on the screen, which needs to change battery. Open the battery cover, replace the old battery with the new one, please pay attention to the joint line polarity. The battery should be changed when it runs up, otherwise, it stored for a long time may flow the liquid which cause damage of the instrument. It should be taken out and keep proper if it is not used for a long time.   


This instrument has one-year quality guarantee, maintenance for all life. If there are any problem of this product, please contact the dealer in time.  

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