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Window tint meter

ETT-0681 Window tint meter

ETT-0681 Window tint meter


I.Brief Introduction

The ETT-0681 Portable Light Transmission Meter is mainly used to test the transmission of automobile glass and transparent or semi-transparent objects. It is small in size and portable, so it is especially adaptable to field measuring.

II. Scope of Application

  • Automobile making and test, field measurement of glass products and aerospace industry;
  • Measurement of the transmission of glasses, sunglasses and anti-suntan protective films;
  • Measurement of the transmission or haze of plastic products;
  • Measurement of the transmission of other transparent or semi-transparent materials

III. Characteristics of the Instrument

  • Fine, small and delicate shape, and portable
  • Full-intelligent design, simple and convenient to operate
  • Automatic to calibrate
  • Split probes, suitable to multiple measure
  • Light sources of longer service life without replacement
  • Accurate measurement, good repetition performance
  • LCD digital display
  • Prompts of buzzes in operation processes
  • Function as under voltage for power
  • Attached with one charger and two chargeable batteries

IV. Technical information

Range of measurement:                         0.0-100%
Measuring quantity:                                % optical transmittance
Maximum matrix thickness:                    10mm
Measuring accuracy:                               ≤2%
Ambient temperature:                             5-40℃
Relative humidity:                                   ≤85%
Air pressure:                                           860-1060hPa
Accuracy range:                                      5%~85%visible light transmittance
Optical detector: complying with V (lambada) human eye sensitivity

V. Display instructions   

  •  % ---transitivity
  • CAL OK --- the calibration is over and it is in the measuring state
  • MES ? --- the measuring value and measuring times
  • Battery Lo --- a low battery voltage, it is time to replace the battery.

VI. Operation Methods

  1. Switching on:
    Clutched probe: Do not place any unit in the probe. Press “ON/OFF” button, and you will hear a sound like “DU”. When “CAL OK” is displaying on the screen, the instrument is in the measuring state.
    Split probe(ETT-0682): First align two parts of the probe along the white line (without placing any unit in the probe). Press “ON/OFF” button, and you will hear a sound like “DU”. When “CAL OK” is displaying on the screen, the instrument is in the measuring state.
  2. Measuring methods:
    Clutched probe: The substance to be measured is clutched on the probe during measuring. Press the middle button “OP” for measuring. The data on the screen is the measured data.
    Split probe(ETT-0682):  At the time of measurement, put each part of the probe on each side of the substance to be measured (note to aim at the white line). Press the middle button “OPl” for measuring. The data on the screen is the measured data.
  3. There is displaying of the measuring result and measuring times each time, and the measuring result each time will be saved automatically.
  4. In the measuring process, press “-” to delete the previous measuring result. After measuring, press “+” button to show the mean value (MEA), the maximum value (MAX) and the minimum value (MIN) in turn. For continued measurement, clear off the previous measuring results and it can recount and save again. The times of each group of measured data may not exit more than 15 times. The data cannot be saved after the unit is switched off.
  5. To extend the service life of your batteries, please switch off in time after finishing. Press “ON/OFF”, and the instrument will be in the off state, without any display on the screen.

VII. Points for Attention

  1. The measuring window of the instrument should be kept clean. Please do not contact the surface of the lens for measurement by fingers. Any dirt on the surface of the lens will affect the accuracy of measurement, but you can clean it with lens cloth or absolute alcohol.
  2. When the battery power has run out, the instrument will give a prompt of low power with “Battery lo” displaying on the screen. Now it is the time you replaced the battery. Open the battery cover and take out 9V battery for replacement. Note the connection polarities. The consumed battery should be replaced in time. Otherwise, the  battery liquid will flow out if kept for long, thus causing damage to the instrument. If the instrument lies idle for long, it is advisable to take out the battery for proper keeping.

VIII. Services

This instrument will be subject to the 3-R warranty (return, repair and replacement) at the warranty period of one year and for lifelong maintenance. If you have any problems, please contact the dealer in time.

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