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Coating thickness gauge

ETA0682 Coating thickness gauge

ETA0682 Coating thickness gauge


(1)  Brief Introduction 

  • It meets the standards of both ISO2178 and ISO-2361 as well as DIN, ASTM and BS. Suitable for the laboratory and for use in harsh field conditions.
  • The gauge  (068F&0682) can measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating layers on magnetic substrate. Such as: (aluminum, chrome, copper, enamel, rubber, paint) on magnetic substrate (steel, iron, alloy and magnetic stainless steel).
  • The gauge  (068NF&0682)can measure the thickness of non-metals coatings on non-magnetic metals substrate. Such as: (enamel, rubber, paint, vanish, plastic anodic-oxide layer) covered on non-nagnetic metals substrate (aluminum, brass, zinc and nonmagnetic stainless steel).


  • Small style design, conveniently carry   
  • Complete intelligentized design, easily operate
  • Rapid measure, excellent repeated performance   
  • Zero adjustment, second point adjustment
  • LCD digital display
  • The metric system /England system unit transform
  • There is bee ring song prompt during operation 
  • Automatic probe recognition
  • Manual or automatic shut down

(3)Display instruction 

  • μm indicate value unit (lμm=1/1000mm)
  • CAL O Zero adjustment prompt
  • Fe  magnetism substrate measure state
  • NFe  non-magnetism substrate measure state
  • CAL 2  restore factory setting

(4)Technology parameter 

  • range: 0-1000um
  • Accuracy: ±[(1%~3%)]H±1.5um
  • Resolution:0.1um (0~99.9um)  1um (over 100um)
  • Environment temperature: 0-40℃
  • Relative humidity: ≤85%
  • Power supply: 9V×1
  • Weight: 280g
  • Dimension: 125×74×33mm

Standard delivery:

  • Main unit(1000um)…………..1pc
  • Operation manual…………….1pc
  • Substrate……………………..2pc
  • Carring case………………………1pc
  • Calibration foil set………………..1 set

(5)Measuring  Procedure

  •   5.1  Press the power key to switch on the gauge and “Fe/0.0” displays on the Display. The gauge will restore the state of last operation itself.
  •   5.2  Place the probe on the substrate or an uncoated standard steadily. Press the ZERO key and “CAL0  OK” will be on the Display before lifting the probe. If pressing the ZERO key but the probe is not placed on the substrate or an uncoated standard, the zero adjustment is invalid. 
  •   5.3  Place the probe onto a coating layer to be measured. The reading on the Display is the thickness of the coating layer.
  •   5.4  To take the next measurement, just lift the probe to more than 1 centimeter and then repeat the step 5.3.
  •   5.5  If suspecting the accuracy of measurement , you should calibrate the gauge before taking the measurements. For the calibration procedures, please refer to the calibration part 6.
  •   5.6  The gauge can be switched off by pressing the ON/OFF key. On the other side, the gauge will power itself off about 2 minutes after the last operation.
  •   5.7  Pressing the OP key can change the measurement unit “um” or “mil”.


  •   6.1  Zero adjustment
    Zero calibration for ‘Fe’ and ‘NFe’ should be carried out separately. Take the iron substrate if  ‘Fe’ on the Display and take the aluminium substrate if ‘Nfe’ on the Display. Place the probe on the substrate steadily. Press the ZERO key and ‘CAL0  OK’ will be on the Display before lifting the probe. If pressing the ZERO key but the probe is not placed on the substrate or anuncoated standard, the zero adjustment is invalid.
  •   6.2  Select an appropriate calibration foil according to your measurement range.
  •   6.3  Place the standard foil selected onto the substrate or the uncoated standard.
  •   6.4  Place the probe mildly onto the standard foil and lift. The reading on the display is the value measured. The displayed reading can be corrected by pressing the plus key or minus key while the probe is away from the substrate or the measure body.
  •   6.5  Repeat step 3.4 until the result is correct.


  • 7.1  When it is necessary to replace the battery, the battery voltage is lower than 6V or The display  reading changes darkly.
  • 7.2  Slide the Battery Cover away from the gauge and remove the batteries.
  • 7.3  Install the batteries (1*9V) correctly into the case.
  • 7.4  If the gauge will not to be used for a long time, remove batteries.


  • 8.1  In order to weaken the influence of the measured material on the accuracy of measurement, it is recommended that the calibrations should be done on the uncoated material to be measured.
  • 8.2  Probe will eventually wear. Probe life will depend on the number of measurements taken and how abrasive the coating is. Replacement of a probe can be fitted by qualified persons only.
  • 8.3  In order to keep the probe from rust, If the gauge is not used for a long time. 
Please spread a little oil on the probe.

(9)  Restore factory setting

  • 9.1  When to restore?
It is recommended to restore factory setting in the one of following cases.
A. The gauge does not measure any more.
B. Because misoperation "+"key or “-” key causes the gauge not to normally measure.
C. Measurement accuracy is degraded caused by environmental conditions changed greatly.
  • 9.2  How to restore?
9.2.1 Press the OP key not release and then press the ON/OFF, when the “Fe/0.0” appear on the display, releasing the OP key, . It’s about 5 seconds from starting depressing OP key.
9.2.2 When the CAL2” appear on the display, switch off the gauge, the factory setting is restored.

(10)  Notes

  • It is strongly recommened that no changes should be made to the value of Ln. Generally, the larger the value of Ln, the smaller the reading on a same thickness. A little variation of value of Ln will cause a great change in reading at high end (e.g. at 515um). The rules to adjust the value of Ln are as follow:
A. Reading at low end can be adjusted to the exact value by the plus or minus key.
B. To enlarge the Ln if readings at low end (e.g. at 50 um) is ok but reading at high end (e.g. at 388um) is too large. On the contrary, to decrease the Ln if reading at low end (e.g. at 51 um ) is ok but reading at high end (e.g. at 388um) is too small.
C. Repeat procedures from A to B till the readings on the every standard foil are satifying the accuracy.

(11)  Services

This instrument has one-year quality guarantee, maintenance for all life. If there are any problem of this product, please contact the dealer in time.   

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