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Reflection meter

ETF-136 Reflection meter

ETF-136 Reflection meter


Brief Introduction

This instrument is a special equipment for measuring the reflectivity of the rearview mirror (or similar product) of motor vehicle. The instrument consist of measuring window、Optical integral sphere,  parallel light pipe, standard lamp-house etc. It is easy to operate, it can measure the reflectivity quickly and accurately. It adopts standardized modulation design. It takes latest single chip as its digital central Processing element. After the measuring signal is converted by modulus, 
CPU will do some computation and compensation. The instrument can display the reflectivity of device which is measured in rear time. It operates simply and quickly, the indication is direct and accurate, it is convenient for measuring on production field and the quality control on lab.  The calibration of the instrument is simple and convenient, it is widely used in the test for measuring light reflection on mirror and not mirror parts.

Technology  Parameter

Running Voltage:                    AC220v/50Hz
Power Consumption:             <30W
Measure Range(reflectivity):   0~100%
Measure Precision:                Over 2%
Measure Replication:             Over 2%
Enviroment Temperature:       4-40℃
Humidity:                      under no dew than 85%

Keyboard instruction

Keyboard diagram

Operatiny instruction


  1. Fix the measured object: Place the measured object on the test bench and let the surface of the measured object to cover the measuring window.
  2. Reading: press the “OP” key, when hearing the “du”, the measure is over, and the record on the display is the reflectivity of the measured object.
  3. ending: when the measure is over,  take out the measured object and shut off the instrument.


  1. Fix the standard mirror: put the standard mirror(known the reflectivity) on the test bench, the surface of the mirror cover the measuring window and let the surface of the mirror compact with the test bench.
  2. Input the standard Value: Press the “Power” key, when the instrument finished the self-checking, Press the “menu” key, and enter the “primary menu”, please choose the “general CAL”, the instrument is on “calibration”, the instrument display the last calibration value,  press “△”key to plus “1”, press “▽”to reduce “1”, press “>>”key to move the cursor. After inputting all the calibration data,  press “ ”to confirm, the instrument prompt to place the standard mirror.
  3. Press “OP”key, finished the calibration, continue press “OP” key to make the measure, if the measured value is coincide with the calibration value, the calibration is OK. Otherwise the calibration must be made once again.

Record Query

The instrument can save 100 measure record, when the instrument is on waiting-measure, using the “△” and “▽” key to check the record, and the lower-left corner of the display prompt the record location.
On the primary menu, there is “clear record”, choose the “clear record” and press “ ”to confirm, all the measured records of the instrument are cleared. 
If the records are more than 100 pieces, the following record will cover the previous record automatically.

Points for Attention

  1.  in order to keep cleaning of the The inner wall of the photosphere, not use hand and hard object to touch the inner wall and prevent the foreign matter fall into the photosphere.
  2. This instrument is a precision one, which should not be used under the conditions of high heat, high humidity, dust or corrosive gas as far as possible,  otherwise the service life and accuracy of the instrument will be effected on. The instrument must be reliably fixed. Too violent shocks will be prevented.
  3. The instrument must be calibrated regularly, when making the calibration, the reflectivity of standard mirror as much as possible to close the reflectivity of the measured object. 4.To extend the service life of the instrument, please try to avoid unnecessary turn-on and turn-off operation. Every turn-on the instrument, the time interval must be more than 5 minutes.
  4. While the instrument is in use, the voltage stabilizing action must be taken, and the instrument should not be installed in the vicinity of any electric devices with powerful electromagnetic interference.


In order to ensure the safety, please not open the case hood at will.

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